A comprehensive lighting world

Mission and Values

The Nemo Group’s mission transcends traditional lighting solutions, aiming to address every aspect of the lighting spectrum from residential to architectural, from technical to outdoor, and custom-made solutions. It strives for smart, fast, and independent collaboration with global partners across all lighting market segments, embodying a commitment to versatility and excellence.


Lighting for life

We trust on a nuanced interplay between light and human experience. Lighting for life is a transformative philosophy that seeks to enrich and positively influence lives creating a harmonious synergy between light and the innate needs of individuals.

Effective sustainability

We create designs that stand the test of time, surpassing transient trends, ensuring a lasting aesthetic appeal. Our commitment extends beyond products to a philosophy that values longevity, minimizing waste, and embracing eco-conscious practices.

A 10 Year vision

We advocate for individuals with foresight, fostering a culture of long-term thinking. Our identity lays on the constant research of a model able to create outstanding skilled managers devoted to the lighting design world.

An integrated armony

We navigate the intersection of creativity and practicality through ongoing dialogue and shared expertise, offering lighting solutions with respect for heritage, a drive for innovation, and a commitment to excellence.

Growing Future Talents

We invest in growing high end professionals which can represents the future of the industry. Emphasis is placed on fostering responsibility and nurturing young talent, underscoring a forward-thinking corporate philosophy.
Nemo Group
A comprehensive lighting world

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